khoda (dazat) wrote in videogame_mart,

Hi! I'm selling the above items (Dragon's Crown for the PS3, Fate/Extra CCC for the PSP and a Limited Edition Uniqlo Phoenix Wright shirt) for a flat rate of $20 each including shipping within the US in a special sale!

Dragon's Crown
Platform: PS3
Condition: Like New
Inside Case, Back
Asking Price (includes shipping within the US): $20

Fate/Extra CCC
Platform: PSP
Condition: In Used but Good Condition
Details: Japanese language only. Will play on PSPs of any region.
Inside Case, Back, Saber & Caster Stickers, Flyer
Asking Price (includes shipping within the US): $20

Phoenix Wright Uniqlo T-Shirt
Condition: Like New, Worn Infrequently
Details: Limited Edition Uniqlo T-Shirt. Officially endorsed by Capcom. Men’s size XS. (roughly Women's Size M).
Close-up/Tag 1, Close-up/Tag 2
Asking Price (includes shipping within the US): $20

I accept payment via Paypal, via
See my seller feedback here.
If you have any questions/would like further details on any of my items, feel free to let me know.
Thank you!
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