jmacshobbyshop (jmacshobbyshop) wrote in videogame_mart,

Persona 4 & Rare Anime

Rare Anime 4 Sale. "K" bluray set like new $39.99, $68 if bought new, both ghost in the shell anime legend sets combined for one auction $49.99, tons bandai anime legend sets rare out of print. Buy it now prices set lowest you'll find on ebay from a 100% feedback seller.(*Beserk Collectors Box Of War Limited Edition DVD Set, "K" Anime Bluray/DVD Combo Set Added)To Anime Collectors. Added Alot Of My Rare & Out Of Print Bandai Anime Legends DVD Collections To My Anime 4 Sale. I'm a 10 year, 100% feedback seller of Anime & Video Games.
Almost everything is at a cheap buy it now price so you don't get ebay sniped with 10 secs left.
What is currently up for sale, up to date as of 11:35pm est Wednesday-
0) Persona 4
1) Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex Anime Legends Bandai DVD Set and Ghost In The Shell 2nd Gig Anime Legends Bandai DVD Set Complete series one auction
2) Witchblade Anime Classics DVD Set
3) Please Teacher Anime Legends DVD Set Bandai
4)Noein Collectors box DVD Set
5) Gundam Seed Movie 1
6) Gundam Seed Movie 2
7) Gundam Seed Movie 3
8) Maria Watches Over Us: Season 1 DVD Set
9) Full Metal Panic: Second Raid DVD Set
10) Stratos 4: Complete DVD Collection
11) Fruit Basket Original Limited Edition Collectors Box DVD Set
12) Peach Girl: Complete Series DVD Set
13) Dragonball Z: Dead Zone & World's strongest rare steelbook case edition
14) Legendary Heroes Complete Collection
15) Wrestlemania Anthology Set
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