jmacshobbyshop (jmacshobbyshop) wrote in videogame_mart,

Video Games & Rare OOP Anime 4 Sale & Other Sealed Figures

10 year 100% feedback seller. 9pm-Midnight EST Mostly Sundays, Sometimes Saturdays, All Buy IT Now. Buy During The Time You Want :). Stuff Must Go Fast, Share With Friends, Making space for my apartment. Combine ship, putting items in one box as well for cheaper shipping, lowered prices as much as I could.Added: Megaman NT DVD's, Macross, and more. I have a sealed brand new, Sailor Mercury SH Figurart figure for any Sailor Moon Collectors,Rare Anime DVd's, Marvel Legends Figures, WWE Wrestling Figures, and Video Games, i'm 100% feedback for 10+ year seller :)-
*Newest Addition:
*Full List:
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