jmacshobbyshop (jmacshobbyshop) wrote in videogame_mart,

GTA V For PS4 Sealed Anime & Epic Rare Anime & Anime Figures and more

12-8 Update: Grand Theft Auto V sealed brand new for ps4, 3 new animes. Epic Rare OOP Anime 4 Sale,Figures, and more. Make sure to click Item list link. Lots of Watchers for weeks. If you have questions on prices or buying multiple things, please contact jmacshobbyshop on ebay. 10 year 100% feedback seller. 9pm-Midnight EST Mostly Sundays, Sometimes Saturdays, All Buy IT Now. 25+ items for sale. I've lowered the prices as far as they can go solo, but group deals is another story, so Plz feel free to message me on ebay, i see watchers on every auction. Buy During The Time You Want :). Stuff Must Go Fast, Share With Friends, Making space for my apartment. Combine ship, putting items in one box as well for cheaper shipping, lowered prices as much as I could.Added: Megaman NT DVD's, Macross, and more. I have a sealed brand new, Sailor Mercury SH Figurart figure for any Sailor Moon Collectors,Rare Anime DVd's, Marvel Legends Figures, WWE Wrestling Figures, and Video Games, i'm 100% feedback for 10+ year seller :)-
*Full List:
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