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Video game buy sell and trade
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this community was created so everyone could buy/sell/trade all of their old or new video games, consoles, controls, memory cards - shirts merchandise anything VIDEO GAME related. Right now this place is an open member ship if you want to keep it that way it's simple just follow the rules.


will be a part of this community i will be setting up an
email adress soon for users to send their positive/negative feeback too IF you get consecutive negative feedback you will be banned.

.If you have large pictures put them UNDER a cut. if youre posting more then 3 pictures, please have them UNDER a cut also.
.KEEP things on topic, we don't give a shit about youre Rating X core communites.
.Don't post your list/pictures every day, if i see the same post every day without anything new added i will delete them.

If thise place grows we'll have more stuff to buy and sell so tell your friends and advertise

with love your moderator; berserk